Parking options will be very limited inside the park as the roadways to the stage area will be closed and food vendors will be parked on some of the roadways. Public transportation is highly recommended. If you arrive very early you may be able to park inside the actual park. If not please consider these options:

South Baltimore Charter School (1300 Herkimer Street, Baltimore MD 21223) – The school has approximately 75 parking spaces available. There will be a donation of $10 for parking that will go to support this non-profit charter school.

Montgomery Park complex (1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230) – At this time the Montgomery Park complex will be available up to 500 spaces at $10 each. This is subject to change.

Street parking – anywhere you can find spaces around the park. Please take note of parking signs as the local parking enforcement is very active. Do not park in private lots of businesses without their permission. Towing is likely to be enforced.

Public Transportation:

There is a bus stop at the entrance to Carroll Park served by the Number 11 bus. The walk from the bus stop to the museum is about 5 minutes, uphill.

Numerous taxi services can bring you to Carroll Park. The address you should give to the driver is 1500 Washington Blvd in Carroll Park.

Carroll Park is part of the Gwynn’s Falls trail system. We do not have a bike rack but bikes may be locked to our sign post or fence.

For the adventurous, Carroll Park can be reached on foot from the Inner Harbor. Depending on your starting point and route, the walk is about 2 miles.